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Crafting Change

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We are a grassroots organization that creates PPE (personal protective equipment) for front liners, first responders, vulnerable populations, local small businesses and or local workers in need on the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore consists of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. We are geared towards protecting all, not just some. We’re focused on protecting the ones who need help most. Our organization is based out of Salisbury, MD and are founded on the belief that everyone deserves masks, as well as PPE during a pandemic.

How You Can Help


Even if you are unable to volunteer, we need people who can spread our message in the community locally to help us! Spread the importance of getting PPE to those in need!


Please click our Volunteer signup tab to learn more about how you can help us, as well as our friends at M4Reactor!

We need YOUR help to fight the PPEE Shortage among our front line workers and communities.


Did you know that one of the most pivotal points of our organization here is doing community outreach? It’s an essential part of what we do. Reach out if you want to get involved!

Donate Towards Our Efforts

Donate to our PPE efforts by hitting the Donate button below. We are not tax deductible, unfortunately, but do have options if you desire your donation to be tax deductible.

If you have the option to give generously to us: we ask you to please kindly look at our list of our friends in need of generous donors. More information is available by hitting “Donate.”

Request PPE

Do you need masks and or other items such as sanitizer, disinfectants, etc? Please click the link below to request via Get Us PPE. We are a regional affiliate of Get Us PPE. They are one of the largest organizations to fulfill PPE. We are no longer using our own intake form anymore.

If you have an issue using the Request Form for Get Us PPE, I kindly ask you to please use our Contact Form for your PPE request and will help you!

Committed to Accessibility

We have partnered with TOM U-Penn with the goal of getting accessible PPE to those who need it in the disability community. If you have a need for specific needs (even if it’s not PPE), please send it to Gabrielle’s email at gabiw@tomglobal.org. You can click our Page that reads Tom U-Penn’s Mission Statement for more info.

Meet some of our volunteers!

More volunteer videos are coming! If you are a volunteer of Delmarva COVID Crafters and want to be featured, just let me know! We want to feature YOU.

Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers is proud to be a regional Open Source Medical Supplies group. To find out more about OSMS, I recommend checking out their site here. Thanks to Open Source for all they do! I appreciate you all!
Get Us PPE is now managing all of the PPE requests for Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters and Volunteers. Thank you, Get Us PPE! Beyond what they do, such as manage intake for groups like ours (and others nationally), but they are doing amazing work! Thanks to Get Us PPE for all of their incredible work that they are doing nationally! We are proud to be a regional affiliate of Get Us PPE. Check out their site here! Please note too that we are NO longer using our intake form. Send all requests to Get Us PPE. Thanks!!

When considering where to shop, in need of a service and or where to donate: we kindly ask you to think of our kind and generous benefactors or volunteers who give their time and resources who help us so generously— especially if they’re a business.

Thank you for donating! We appreciate our kind and generous, benefactors! Your donation helps us!

If you have donated to an individual volunteer on a larger scale and would like to be featured on our Donor, please let me know and I would love to feature you!

Thanks to Mister Softee of Eastern Shore Maryland for so many thing, especially financially backing and now giving 10-20% of merchandise to all volunteers! There is so much that I could say, but I’ll just say: thank you “SEW” much! You’re appreciated beyond words than say for your help! It’s not just because the ice cream man is my fabric cutter either… Promise!
Thanks to Diversified Metal Fabricators for personally making an entire box full of nose pieces for us! This is a local Philadelphia welding show..
Thanks to Ferrara Bakery NYC for donating money towards fabric and materials which helped offset the cost of a lot of masks and volunteer costs for many- in the height of the COVID crisis to support our mission! You are beyond appreciated! Ferrara’s also does shipping! You can support this family owned business even if you’re out NYC!
Our friends at the Wicomico Library were in need of masks, but also donated to help us with the costs of fabric! It was so unexpected, but meant so much! We have fabric— and buttons on the way! Thanks so much, Mr. Gibson! Our local Librarians rock! Thanks to Sue for fulfilling this one!
TCR Event Management donated hundreds of shirts to my group which were distributed between our group as well as the Beebe group in Sussex which were very appreciated! Jason also made us our very own wooden mask patterns! Jason does custom laser engraving! Check him out!
Nurse Professionals LLC gave a kind donation to not only the organization, but to individual volunteers! Thanks for all you do, but also as a front liner! You’re appreciated! Anita is a friend for life!

Thank you to these local Eastern Shore organizations and or businesses for working with us and or giving time to us! We appreciate you!

Hamilton Physical Therapy is owned by Carol‘s (volunteer) son Billy. Billy takes Carol’s masks every weeks and delivers them. Billy personally the masks to all of the facilities in need! Talk about mom/son teamwork! Thank yu!
Serendipity Quilt Shop is a local fabric store located in Dagsboro. They kindly offered us a discount on fabric— even in the height of COVID-19. We cannot thank Kathy (owner) enough for how great she is! She even does Facetime shopping! Please think of Kathy’s fabric shopping store!