Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers is a grassroots organization that supplies personal protective equipment to our local Eastern Shore community. We supply items, free of charge, to frontliners, medical personnel, businesses in need, high risk individuals and vulnerable populations.

When our local Shoreline was in need of PPE, I felt the call to action.

In March, there was a collective of crafters who united to help. I firmly believe that crafting can have an impact. We have a global shortage of PPE (personal personal equipment) right now as I write this that caused this, but there’s people who are diligently crafting to sew masks and other needed PPE. This is the power of crafting.

We can make, we can create, and we can unite.

I believe that all crafting causes, whether it’s knitting for Warm Up America or helping combat the COVID-19 crisis, are  important. It’s about the power of being able to create and unite. It’s about when a person is hurting, we can supply things. We can impact lives. We can help make our Eastern Shore a better place.

The issues related to COVID-19 are issues that I truly believe in. It’s a cause that I truly believe in. We have the ability to make an impact. We can help make a difference together.

You. Me. Us. We can make an impact on our Eastern Shore together. Sign up to help today. We need you.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. You can make an impact, too! We’re all in this together!

Love, Dominique

Do you need PPE? Can we help?

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