We accept donations via our Donorbox fundraiser. Click here.

We also accept donations at community events! We can accept donations with our credit card machine too – so no cash and or change is necessary – if that is an issue.

For other options: I do accept Venmo and Paypal, as well as checks and cash. Cash and checks can be sent to my private address (please reach out for an address) and or be picked up by volunteers.

Please remember that many masks are being made by INDIVIDUAL volunteers — so please route those donations to those volunteers unless you would prefer to donate to the group.

Donations FAQ:

Let’s address any questions that you may have about donating to Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters and Volunteers!

I would love to help you raise donations!

Awesome! We are looking currently for local businesses to either have “donation jars” for us or to potentially donate money and or materials. Anything is fruitful.

Do you accept non-monetary donations?

ABSOLUTELY! We accept items shipped to us, as well as material donations too! Anything helps!

We are NOT a non-profit so all donations made are not tax deductible.

All donations made will go towards to supplying materials to volunteers and offsetting the cost of this project. Shipping, plastic ziplock bags, etc. are all major expenses unfortunately. Nothing has – nor will ever be sold – from this project.

Thank you for your support of Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers.

Every donation makes an impact, just like every mask makes a difference. We truly appreciate you!

Are you looking for a tax deductible donation instead?

Do you have the ability to donate generously? Our non-profit partners need help! Let’s talk about them!

Our goal here is simply to only raise enough donations to cover supplies. Any extra donations must be given to the non-profits who desperately need them. Please consider our wonderful friends during this time who are doing so much for our community.

We are proud to partner and work with all of these local community organizations.

I, personally, as the founder of Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers can vouch for the compassion of each leader of these non-profits and organizations.

M4Reactor, needs help with raising funds. You can donate to them here or to their GoFundMe. Right now, they are supplying multiple businesses with safety equipment – so they absolutely need all of the help that they can get!

Tri Community Mediation has partnered with us to help distribute PPE to the Vulnerable Populations in our community and is a leading force in how we are able to connect with so many. They are working diligently to distribute PPE to those in need of our immigrant communities, as well as our Vulnerable Communities. TCM is also working with us to get out PPE (i.e. masks, sanitizer, shields, etc) to the Haitian and Latino community. These goods are accepted. Please contact us!

Fenix Youth Project is a non-profit dedicated to serving youth, especially homeless and minority, with creative enrichment such as poetry, music, etc. We are currently working with the Fenix Youth Project to get out care packages to homeless youth. These care packages consist of necessities such has hygiene products, packages foods, and PPE (i.e. handmade masks, sanitizer etc). These goods are also accepted, too.

PPE Organizations (tax deductible) in Need of Donations:

Get Us PPE is the largest grassroots organization for PPE. All of our requests go through Get Us PPE and their organization has helped so many in need, especially our frontliners. They are truly an organization of miracles. I cannot express the incredible work that they do. I recommend looking into their organization. I am immensely grateful for all they do!

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